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IBM and NASA launch collaboration over satellite insights

IBM and NASA plan to develop several new technologies to extract insights from Earth observations . One project will train an IBM geospatial intelligence foundation model on NASA ’ s Harmonized Landsat Sentinel-2 ( HLS ) dataset , a record of land cover and land use changes captured by Earth-orbiting satellites .
By analyzing petabytes of satellite data to identify changes in the geographic footprint of phenomena such as natural disasters , cyclical crop yields and wildlife habitats , this foundation model technology will help researchers provide critical analysis of the planet ’ s environmental systems .

IBM and NASA ’ s Marshall Space Flight Center are to collaborate in using IBM ’ s AI technology to discover new insights in NASA ’ s massive trove of Earth and geospatial science data .

“ The beauty of foundation models is they can potentially be used for many downstream applications ,” said Rahul Ramachandran , Senior Research Scientist at NASA ’ s Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville , Alabama .
The joint work will apply AI foundation model technology to NASA ’ s Earth-observing satellite data for the first time .
Earth observations that allow scientists to study and monitor the planet are being gathered at unprecedented rates and volume .
“ Applying foundation models to geospatial , event-sequence , timeseries and other non-language factors within Earth science data could make enormously valuable insights and information suddenly available to a much wider group of researchers , businesses and citizens ,” said Raghu Ganti , Principal Researcher , IBM .

Amdocs Lab drives new private network and edge solutions for cross industry opportunities

Amdocs has revealed new use cases developed in its Americas

5G Experience Lab in Dallas , Texas – including multi-vendor collaboration and a taste of what ’ s in store for a future connected digital society .
Among the use cases , Amdocs has demonstrated how doctors can virtually scrub in from any location to teach and collaborate with other medical professionals ; introduced real-time computer vision to determine access eligibility and personalized concierge experiences ; brought real-life guidance and support to field engineers via AR ; automated the quality control of manufactured products and more .
Collectively , the cases are said to test the true capabilities of 5G private networks and edge compute and bring innovative new services to market .
Anthony Goonetilleke , Amdocs Group President of Technology and Head of Strategy , said : “ Through collaboration and innovation with our partners , we ’ ve already seen incredible momentum that pushes the limits of what ’ s possible across a range of industries .”
The 5G Experience Lab is a sandbox and platform where service providers , enterprises , software vendors , Amdocs and its 5G edge applications stretch the limits of connected experiences , unlocking new opportunities across industries .
Enterprises and service providers can experiment in various areas , including Private Wireless Networks , Premium 5G services , cloud services , the future of work , Industry 4.0 and security .
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