Intelligent CIO North America Issue 31 | Page 82


Recognizing and stopping insider threats in the healthcare industry

Damian Chung , Business Information Security Officer at Netskope , tells us that information security is one of the most critical areas of health during the Great Resignation trend .

As a direct result of COVID-19 burnout , the ongoing Great Resignation trend might be impacting healthcare more than any other industry . Research shows that healthcare has already lost an estimated 20 % of its workforce over the past two years . This turnover is happening top-to-bottom throughout organizations . Doctors are switching between hospitals , administrative staff are leaving the industry , and technology teams are being lured away by higher paying jobs in other sectors .

The high volume of turnover in the industry is having a broad impact . According to one study , 60 % of organizations have had to change their care model ; 48 % have had to reduce inpatient capacity ; and approximately 40 % have made reductions in operating room and ambulatory clinic capacity , increased emergency department diversion and increased length of stay .
Security is yet another critical area of operations feeling the effects of The Great Resignation . Last year , Netskope Threat Labs found a 300 % rise in employee data theft during their last 30 days of employment . So with unprecedented levels of human resources churn across the industry , how can healthcare organizations ensure that their proprietary data and other sensitive information doesn ’ t leave with a departing employee ?
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