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Maestro solves key CIO integration challenges with the simplicity of software control

Bandwidth platform bids to cut the complexity and cost of moving to Next-Gen enterprise cloud communications .

Bandwidth , a leading global enterprise cloud communications company , has launched Bandwidth Maestro – a first-of-its-kind , next-generation cloud communications platform . Maestro is intended to enable CIOs to solve the key challenge of integrating bestin-class real-time voice apps across their unified communications , cloud contact center and A ) platforms – resulting in faster time to value and enhanced customer and employee experiences .

The pitch with Maestro is its allowance for the easy customization of global communications workflows and addition of state-of-the-art CX and AI capabilities such as Conversational AI , Machine Learningbased fraud detection and text-to-speech and speech-to-text tools – all interoperable and consumable by software .
Expected to be fully available in the third quarter of this year , Maestro significantly expands Bandwidth ' s strategy to be the universal platform for Global 2000 enterprise cloud communications .
" We feel the pain of enterprise CIOs trying to integrate best-in-class , real-time voice apps across their unified communications , cloud contact center and AI platforms , which can take months or even years and a lot of investment to reach full interoperability ," said John Bell , Bandwidth ' s Chief Product Officer . " That ' s why we ' re putting enterprises at the center , with an innovative strategy that enables organizations to benefit quickly from new capabilities that drive cost savings and a better customer and employee experience .”
Before Maestro , options were limited to legacy SIP , which requires each enterprise to individually adopt and integrate communications tools or a cloud contact center solution , which locks enterprises into the roadmap of one provider .
Maestro is intended to be easily configurable with visual builder software and will pre-integrate with customer-selected , best-inclass Unified Communications-as-a-Service ( UCaaS ), Contact Center-as-a-Service ( CCaaS ) and AI apps . It runs on the Bandwidth Communications Cloud , which reaches more than 60 countries and over 90 % of global GDP .
Maestro is engineered to address the top challenges faced by CIOs today , based on insights from Bandwidth customers and the company ' s experience powering all the leaders in unified communications and cloud contact centers . CIOs need to accelerate cloud migrations to deliver better customer and employee experiences by adding new capabilities , while at the same time streamlining operations , reducing costs and bolstering Disaster Recovery – all without being trapped in one vendor ' s walled garden .
Yet moving to the cloud globally from existing on-premises gear is seen as a complex and difficult challenge that comes with a long timeline and perceived loss of direct control .
As a result , highly complex global call flows can be configured , managed and customized with software – with the ability to shift communications traffic between applications in milliseconds , from a straightforward user-friendly interface .
Pre-integrations for Maestro available at launch will include : full PSTN replacement in 38 countries and territories via the Bandwidth Communications Cloud , Microsoft Teams Direct Routing , Operator Connect for Microsoft Teams , RingCentral MVP , Cisco Webex Calling , Genesys Cloud CX , Zoom Phone , Cognigy , Google Dialogflow , Pindrop , Bandwidth Call Verification , Speech-to-text and Text-tospeech platforms from Amazon , Google , and Microsoft – with more to be added soon . p
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