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2 . Highlight the advantages
When we emerge from the Coronavirus pandemic and hiring gains momentum again , recruitment managers must prepare to compete for cyber talent . But going head-to-head with private companies on salary may not be a winning strategy unless exceptions can be made for people with exceptional skills .
A better approach is to emphasise employee benefits . Government benefits , including health insurance , retirement and holiday , can be greater than those in the private sector . Work-life balance is another positive . Employees in municipal work tend to work structured hours , have the opportunity to telework and can usually receive all bank holidays off . Similarly , the public service aspect of government work is another strong selling point . Government cybersecurity professionals work behind the scenes to protect vital services , including public safety , schools and healthcare systems . It ’ s an environment driven by quality of service and not by profit . This can be a huge motivator for today ’ s purpose-driven generations .
3 . Exposure to a broad scope of cybersecurity challenges
Government cybersecurity professionals work at the cutting-edge of a wide-range of issues , giving them an often-overlooked advantage over their private sector counterparts . In education , for example , security professionals are working to secure networks and systems to prevent black hats from exploiting the enhanced threat landscape created by virtual schooling . In terms of healthcare , over the past few years , the NHS has undertaken an extremely ambitious cybersecurity programme at the local and national level , working with security professionals to improve – among other things – cyber monitoring , threat intelligence , incident responses and cyber training .
Sascha Giese , Head Geek at
SolarWinds , Texas
Of course , not everyone in cybersecurity is excited by the same thing . Some may be looking for a new challenge – such as helping to shape and define security policies and strategy or modernising technology infrastructure – while others prefer to support already well-defined security programmes with the goal of refining their skills within that particular environment . There ’ s a place for all these interests in the government environment . Focusing on prior experience isn ’ t enough to secure talent . Government officials should think more about the potential of the position and the associated skills needed to identify the right candidate . Organisations need to think hard about the position ’ s purpose and ask , ‘ What problems are we trying to solve ? What would attract someone to this job ? Why would they want to work here ?’
4 . Be inspired
Though demand for cybersecurity skills is pitting government organisations against the private sector , it ’ s also a unique opportunity for teams to get creative in their retention and recruitment practices . Enhancing and developing cybersecurity expertise can help organisations make the most of existing internal talent , bolster the existing workforce and encourage retention . As employers compete for new hires , government hiring managers should lean into their strengths and entice people with what they have to offer : great benefits , job security and a unique environment that challenges people to grow while impacting the communities they serve . p
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